Imran & I'jaaz fundraising project for SCHOOL TRIP

Assalamualaikum wbt

My name is Imran. I'm 6 years old. My brother (I'jaaz, 4 years old) and I are conducting a fundraiser to fund our yearly school trip. This year we will be visiting Zoo Negara and Planetarium.

We are selling a handpainted TIC-TAC-TOE set made out of stones. Each set contains:

  • A tic-tac-toe board
  • 4 bees
  • 4 ladybugs

It costs only RM20 per set. If you wish to add extra 'player', we would be glad to sell it for RM3/each. If you are interested, you may text/Whatsapp Emak at 019-5558027. Hurry! We wil be making only a few sets.

Thanks in advance for your warm support



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