Siapa Salwa?

Assalamualaikum wbt

I'm Salwa.
The owner and writer of
I started blogging in 2004 to share my stories, my experiences and some beneficial info to the readers.

I used to work with the biggest oil and gas company in Malaysia before i quit on 1st February 2013.

So, who am I really?

I am a wife, a daughter and a WAHM of 3 boys
A blogger
A writer
A freelance designer
A certified trainer in online marketing
A part time motivator 

I love sharing
I dream to be an extraordinary person

I love to share my thoughts and stories especially on parenting issues and sincerely hope that you may gain some benefits from what I wrote. 

My first book, BILA EMAK BERDRAMA was published in February 2016 and available at MPH, Popular, Times and Kinokuniya or you may purchase it online at DeenPrints.

I actively involved in voluntarily works. I initiated and organised a few charity drives such as Projek 5, Projek Baju Raya, Rakan Zakat, Banjir Box and Projek Beg Sekolah. Projek Beg Sekolah is the biggest project that i handled by far with 135 volunteers all around Malaysia covering 215 locations. It aims to assist less fortunate students to get a school bag.

I was featured on local TV channels, newspaper and magazines on a few occasions:

- Assalamualaikum (TV Al-Hijrah)
- Malaysia Hari Ini (Tv3/Media Prima)
- Apa Kata Wanita (RTM)
- Timang-timang Anakku Sayang (TVi/RTM)
- Buletin Astro Awani (Astro)
- Nasi Lemak Kopi O (TV9/Media Prima)
- Ikonita (RTM)
- Unreserved Maganize
- Majalah Eh!
- Majalah Jom
- Harian Metro
- Berita Harian

Oh, you will find that I use both English and Bahasa Melayu. Why? Simply because I love them both!

Wishing you a very happy day ahead.



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  4. assalamualaikum wbt
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    1. Waaaa, terharunya. thanks hendrawati! jemput la datang lg ;D

  5. Good job dear! Mantop!:Dayah othman:

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    1. Salam perkenalan!

      Terima kasih sudi singgah. in sya allah akan menulis selagi termampu :)