Happy 2nd birthday i'jaaz!


Two days ago, my second son celebrated his second birthday.
This time, no party, no guests, no cake(s) and no (not yet) gift.
We just make some goodies box with cupcake and lollichoc for his friend at nursery.
it doesn't mean that we do not love him.No way!!!
we love you heaps no matter what
in sya Allah the photos will be uploaded soon.


How could I portray you
my little angle
my miracle? 

You came to my life
with full of surprise
two years have passed
you've grown up so fast

Your cheeky smile
always warm my heart
Your happy laughter
makes my day brighter
Your joyful grin
turns my sorrow to pleasure

My little prince
silent is wise
when you do not have good words to utter
advise is great
when you've listened to one's need

I'jaaz dearie
hugs and kisses from Emak to you
may Allah always protect you
grow up healthy and become what you want to be
as I will always love you unconditionally!

26th of August 2013
Desa pinggiran putra

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