Where are we heading to?

A few years ago,
Parents were comparing their kids SPM, PMR and UPSR's result
Those with flying colours get the most attention
The cream of the cream as claimed and took the top spot at university with scholarship. Amazingly, many won't survive in the real work life.
Lack of confidence, no leadership qualities and barely could suggest for an improvement or slight recommendation.

And look at us today
More and more are trapped in this game
You wanted your kid to outshine and looks cool
They are expected to do well at the school
You are willing to pay extra money
Just to ensure you see more A's
And you forget to ask what the little heart really have something to say

And now it's getting worse
The race has taken over the purpose of learning
Baby as young as few months old are now expected to learn
Not to stimulate them, but to ensure they can read by the age of three
So the parents won't feel bad and know they gave birth to a genius
So they feel they are at par with other parents and they are capable of giving the proper education

Where are we heading to really?
What kind of generation are we expected to see?

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