A letter after a long break...


Dear reader(s)- if any,

My fingers aren't cooperating that much nowadays when i try (or rather push) myself to write anything anywhere - well exception goes to those work loads from lovely office that need my fingers' attention and not to forget, my brain - to function as well.

Well, i guess, life has changed so much in many forms. Everything that was used to be normal are no longer 'ordinary'. Example? Hmm... Do i need to give one when i'm in fact writing in Uncle Sam's language?

Honestly, i feel pity to those who subscribe to my dusty blog as Followers. I feel ashamed to answer those similiar questions at YM, email, chat or other means of communication - "Bile nk updet blog?". I feel bad whenever i saw a message at my Chat Box, asking for an update because I know I will fail again and again to attend for the request.(but that's not the reason why I deleted my Chat Box ya...)

Why I'm writing all of this??

All this moment, I'm afraid for pouring out my thoughts and feelings via blog posting. I rarely express my real emotion neither my condition. It seems to me, a gigantic invisible wall called SELF ESTEEM block me all the way through before I can embark to the beautifulness of 'FREEDOM TO WRITE' chamber.

I always respect those who could freely write whatever he/she feels to write; be it bitter or sweet, be it private or public, be it sensitive or provocative..(and the list goes on). I couldn't do that. I just could not.

The moment I try to write something that is private, especially if it's some kind of story or experience that is not so 'favourable', I will warn my self. "Not to make anyone ashame, do not let your readers thought of something bad that happened, do not try to gain symphatize from your writing, and so on and so fourth."

I wish to write a lot. Really. And I mean it. It's just that i could not do it. I don't want any people to get hurt with my writing or even make false assumption with my posting. And i could not take risk of exposing my emotions.

People say, written text does not necessary reflects the writer.

I agree.
I don't know.
Should I write anymore?

-Penyu menangis siapa yang tahu-

Yours truthfully,



  1. salam..i always waiting for ur blog to be updated..
    i love ur articles..<3

  2. salam sis.. i do agree wth anonymous.. u should keep on writing.. u can't control on how people response to ur blog.. i do believe there is people who's inspire and even have a big wake up call after reading some of ur articles..

  3. once a sister told me, for if u really think of others' responses n critiques, u will never write.

    do keep writing kakak, for you know the purpose of it, to make people think and reflect upon certain issues and faith.

    waiting :)

  4. kak wa!! lame xdnga cte..really miss u.. ngat nk dpt latest news of u from dis blog tp........huhu. papepon, juz wanted u to know dat i have mine already.. rajen2 la lawat n leave comments yer.. hope to hear from u sis..mmwahh!!

  5. btw, it's fatinahabubakar.blogspot.com hehehe

  6. is it because you are now a wife and therefore you cant write anymore?

  7. Assalammualaikum, wrt. wbt.

    Saya bagi pihak anak-anak dan petugas-petugas Rumah Kasih Harmoni (RKH) mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih di atas sumbangan Puan Salwa.

    Semoga ALLAH melipatgandakan rezeki dan diberkatinya. Semoga sumbangan ini akan menjadi satu AMAL TAQWA untuk bekalan cik/pun di hari akhrat kelak. Amin.

    Walaubagaimanapun saya ingin juga mendapat kepastian, adakah sumbangan ini ada dikhususkan untuk sebarang niat? Sekiranya ada pengkhususiah sukacita sekiranya cik/puan/tuan dapat memaklumkan kepada saya. Seperkara lagi bolehker saya tahu dari mana dapat maklumat tentang rumah amal kami ini.

    Sekian, Wassalam dan terima kasih sekali lagi di atas sumbangan yang dihulurkan.

  8. Salam Ukhti,
    Maybe you wanna try to read sumthin here...

  9. salam Salwa

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    ada tak lagu2 lain cam La Takhdha An, Ghadatun, Daffi Ummi. Penyanyinya Qader Qawza. Lagu Daffi Ummi yang paling saya minat. Kalau nak saya boleh burn ke CD