DIY Dino with Ribbons

Assalamualaikum wbt

Well, i'm quite addicted.
Following the success of Sock Monkey, i feel the need to add up Israa' toys collection. 
That's all i can say hahahaha

So, please help me to welcome....STEGO!

In case if you are wondering where's on earth i got this idea, well a friend of mine tagged me to one album; full with handmade crafts . It wasn't too long till i found this lovely dino toy that looks pretty simple to be made.

Plus, a baby at Israa' age (almost 9 months old) enjoys to play around with labels and ribbons. I think by adding up some colours, different materials and different sizes will also helps Israa' to stimulate his brain. Aye?


Let me show you how to make Stego (well, my hubs name it after the Dino's group, Stegosaurus. He said it looks like one...oh well)

Step 1: Draw a medium size Dino on paper. Cut out your design and fuse it to your fabric of choice. I use cotton for this particular project. You can also draw right away on fabric by using this water soluble pen.

Step 2: Cut and make sure you have 2 pieces of the same size.

Step 3: You'll need assorted ribbons with preferably different colours. 

Step 4: Make sure both pieces of fabric is turned to the wrong side. Line up the ribbons with pin and stitch it accordingly. Leave up the tail unstitch. 

It will look like this...

Step 5: Turn the right side out and stuff lightly.  I leave the tail so that i can hand-stitch the opening later. 

Step 6: Draw a couple of 'eyes' on a white felt. Stitch with smaller black button. You can also make a lip or nose on your dino like what i just did


It's pretty simple isn't it?

I hope these instructions help you to make the dino toy for your little one!




  1. Lovely!!!

    My kids love the dinosaurs too. Nanti akak try. Thanks Salwa for sharing this.

    1. Kaaan. Try la kak!
      Saya nk try a few lagi yg melibatkan ribbons nih. Nnti saya post kt sini in sya Allah