Do you share the same grief?

I am so devastated.
I feel hopeless.

Yes, i do.

It has been a few years that i have to be extra careful when i want to offer some assistance to stranger(s). Most of the time, my heart will pour with sorrow to the fact that i was literally being forced to ignore those in need; because they are strangers.

There were a few times that I saw a man who look tired and tried his best to push his motorcycle. His bike might run out the petrol or perhaps it just stop working.I want to offer help but i look at myself. i'm a woman. sometimes with a baby on the baby seat. Sometimes with 3 boys. Will that be safe for me to stop? What if he's actually a scumbag?

And with more 'what ifs' coming, i will just drive off and act as if i didn't see them.

I saw an old man at the hospital. He's trying to catch a cab but none was available. I talked to him and offered to call a cab to pick him up but he said no. He asked me if i can sent him to his house somewhere around Cheras. I said No. I can't do that. He insisted and i said no again. He finally decided to wait for the cab to come. I actually wanted to sent him off but the 'what ifs' stopped me.

A lady with a toddler approached me the other day. Asking for some money. She wants to find her husband and she said she live nearby. I can't help but wonder why she looks okay and there was no urgency/panicking by any means. So i said, i can't help much. and i walked off.

I don't think if i am a man with strength and even if i got the 'sado' kinda shape, i will act differently

From what i read, from what i heard, from what i see, it's too risky to offer help to stranger nowadays. i know the fact that some of them are really in need and that's perhaps makes me feel bad

Yes, it hurts quite bad
If i have a time machine, i want to live like i used to 20 years back

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