I have 3 boys
And the first one is the sweet charming abang long called Imran 
He's almost 5 and a half years old
I NEVER have a single doubt on him
Nor that i think he has problem with intelligence or lacking in any term

I'm seriously not trying to be in denial
Or rejecting any advice or concerns t as per that matter
But it's far too much. When you read the whole thing, you will understand (perhaps);

Why am I UPSET?

Some people are worried about Imran. 

Let me tell you why

Imran CAN'T:

- read properly (yet)
- write properly (yet)
- converse with anyone about anything. (He choose WHAT topic and WHO he wants to talk with)
- focus more than 10 minutes on any particular activities
- stay calm and will have tantrums occasionally


Let me tell you what my IMRAN could do that many of us including close family members  won't be able to recognise or appreciate the diversification of the intelligence except me.


- solat with the right recitation (not perfect but good enough)
- recite a few surah
- recite a few doa
- draw with his wild imagination
- brighten the colouring book with combination that i won't be able to think
- wash his own dish
- assist with baking especially muffins
- listen and act to my instructions (although sometimes voided)
- live without TV
- play without tab, smartphone or any gadgets all day or a week even
- help with the laundries (wash, hang, fold)
- water the plants all by himself
- take care of his younger bro (bathing and cleaning after pee/poo)
- vacuum and sweep the floor
- wipe the dust
- take care of me when i'm sick by offering helps, water, and sometimes food
- show his empathy towards people and animal
- and too many good deeds that i simply won't be able to write it all

Isn't that A LOT?
Imran possess various intelligence as you may refer as combination of IQ,EQ and SQ

If i was trying to be judgmental, the question that i will ask, how many of the kids at Imran age has the ability to do the same as what Imran could?


Most of us, and people around us be the families, relatives and friends and the worst is THE EDUCATION system, will judge imran based on what he CAN't do just yet.

Yes, face the bitter truth.

We (well not me) judge the ABILITY and GENIUS-ITY of any particular kid with how well and fast they could read, write and count (Kemahiran 3M?)

Quote and unquote:

- Anak ko dah boleh membaca tak?
- Dia tak boleh menulis lagi ke?
- Kenapa dia tak mengira lagi?
- Dia periksa nombor berapa?
- Dia kelas yang mana satu?
- Budak tu dah pandai macam-macam dah
- Tu la ko tak hantar anak ke sekolah
- Sekolah yang ni bagus, sebab tu budak yang tu pandai

Don't get me wrong. I'm not blaming anyone especially if you are a teacher who is helpless, showered with tones of works and extra curricular activities and forced to be in the whole system.

I'm just asking
or PLEA if you like

and your kids too!

Our education system has gone too far that it finally produce robots in stead of a human being. We rather have a smart kid who scores straight A but failed to do house chores, do not know what playground is, couldn't recognize what is grass and what is lemongrass, not able to change a bulb or can't even cook rice or an egg!

We would be proud if our son and daughter become a doctor, lawyer, accountant in stead of having a painter, WAHM, photographer or small business owner in the house

Aren't you worry?

At the end of the day, what direction are we heading to?


  1. Alhamdulillah. Bagus abang long Imran boleh bantu buat kerja rumah especially uruskan I'jaaz.Paling best bab gadgets. Sekarang itulah yang budak-budak suka. Terkubur permainan tradisional. hehe.

    1. Nanti baby dh lahir boleh la ajak baby main2 plak ye. tk ngadap gadget ehehhe