Homeschooling #4: Potty training for Imran

Assalamualaikum wbt

I admit that i do not have 'the gut' to start the potty training for Imran. I am still convincing myself that Imran is not ready, the mess will be too much and he will throw some tantrums.


And now, he's already 3 years and 5 months old and still wearing dryper. Sob sob sob
But I guess it is better late than never.

So yesterday, i decided it's the time. We have to try it and it will work!

After the morning shower, we offered him a nice good looking brief with Thomas face at the back. He seems okay with it.

We placed the newly bought blue seat with cute duck face toilet training set beside the 'real' toilet seat. We make sure that it is reachable at all time especially during emergency 'case'.

It's really cute isn't it?

We remind him a few times that if he needs to pee or poo, just tell Emak and Ayah to bring you to the toilet. We were not quite sure whether he understood it or not as the only response we got was a head shake.

Sometimes, we asked him whether he wants to pee or poo and his constant reply was again; a head shake. Perhaps actually he was a little bit annoyed as Emak asked him in every 5 minutes!


But one thing for sure, we did not expect anything from him. 

And yes, he finally peed but not in the toilet. Okay lah, an expected accident!
Sob sob sob sob

Nevertheless, we are determine to continue it today and the result was rather impressive.
This time, we 'ushered' him to the toilet for 3 times, and it worked out quite well.
He peed at the 2nd attempt!

By 3pm, the accident happened again.

Tomorrow he will be at school, i don't know what to do really.
If i stop the training, i have to wait for the next Saturday to start all over again and the momentum might not be the same.

If i decide to continue, what will happen if he peed in front of his friends?


What will you do????




  1. Boleh pesan pada cikgu kelas dia, biasa cikgu2 dan pengasuh ni lagi pro bab toilet train, plus budak lebih taat cakap cikgu.hehe.

  2. Haah kan.diorang mesti dengar cakap cikgu diorang. OK lah..besok rasanya bawak pampers sebagai spare aje. kot2 terbocor jugak. ehehe