Homeschooling #2: Homemade Play Dough

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Yesterday, a friend of mine Ling posted her homemade play dough photo on FB which instantly captured my attention. I've heard of it before but never thought it is way easier to be made than what i imagine.

So, with the intention to spend some quality time with the kids with a fun, safe and interesting stuff, i decided to try out the recipe shared by Ling.

First, we need to know what we need to have, aye?

Oh yeah, i got all of it except the cream of tartar. So i went to the nearby hypermarket and spend 5 minutes looking for it. Failed mission. The only cream of tartar they have was the one blended with herbs and i could not imagine the dough smells like herbs.

I googled for the replacement and a website suggests to use baking powder. However, upon a short discussion at Whatsapp with Ling, i decided to use Vinegar to replace the cream of tartar.

There you go, time to cook.....

1. Get a saucepan
2. Mixed flour, vinegar, vege oil ( i use corn oil yesterday) and salt together
3. Stir all ingredients.
4. Turn on your stove
5. Add the water
6. Keep stirring
7. It will be a little bit lumpy. It's Ok. Keep stirring
8. Once it heats up, add the food colouring right away. (I test both oil base and water base food colouring. Both work perfectly!)
9. You know you are done when the dough starts gathering around the spoon/spatula.
10. Cool it down for a while

The ultimate outcome...Tat taraaaa

Amazing isn't it? I was jumping on the floor more than my kids since i never expect i can make something very 'cool' like this. Muahaha.

Imran was shouting continuously "Roti....Roti.."
I'jaaz thought it was dough for cookies and he got excited.

And both kids decided to taste it. came  out from their mouth right away because it's too salty!

So, we play together at 5pm. I realised that i was not so creative as the only thing i could imagine was a smiley face. Lame. Ok lah, i tried to make a cat and a dog which both kids look impressed with the outcome. But honestly, it never look like a cat or dog.

After dinner, we play for the second round with the help from Ayah. It was so sweet when Ayah tried to make a Prada handbag for Emak which also did not look like a Prada handbag, but the thought that counts! Thanks Ayah :)

It was a little bit messy but it's ok as long as we all are happy.
Oh yeah,this is how i store the play dough.

A few tips:
  • Your kid will not eat it as it is way too salty
  • You may want to add more salt e.g make it half a cup if you want it a little bit saltier
  • Store in a air thigh container or a zip lock bag
  • It lasts for months. Some said over a year!
  • If it gets a little bit hard, just mixed it with a few drops of water

Easy aye?

Give a try!




  1. hmmm... menarik, menarik. Cream of tartar tu apekebende nye?

  2. cream of tartar tuh ade dua jenis.
    satu dalam bentuk serbuk warna putih.
    satu lg dalam bentuk krim macam mayonis.

    pakai hat mana2 pun bulih.
    tp saya pakai cuka pon Ok aje. sukatan sama. 2table spoon

    selamat mencuba! :)