A farewell message to PETRONAS


Assalamualaikum warah matullah. And a very good day.

31st of January, 2013.

Today marks the last day of my journey in this company. Another big step in my life, really. To be honest, I don’t even know what I should write for my farewell message. I wrote a few speeches before but no doubt, this is definitely a tough one.

I don't know how to write in decent language that makes you feel like reading a sonata. I also don't want it to be too formal that some of you might just scroll down at this page for a few seconds and click the 'close window' icon.

So i will just be me. Plain, passionate and sincere message (with some jokes?) that will make it Salwa Style.

My journey in PETRONAS

It started a long time ago. Back in 2002, I was interviewed at DayaBumi for a scholarship application to further my study abroad. I applied for Economics field at United Kingdom. With God will, a few months after that, I was selected as one of the blessed students to be sponsored by PETRONAS.

I was just a kampung girl who dreams to reach the stars. So when the news came to us, it was like a big diamond falled from the sky that makes the whole family and the whole village happy and so proud of me.

Only a few weeks later that PETRONAS decided to 'open up a branch' at New Zealand. I was given barely 2 hours to decide whether i still want UK, or opt for NZ. Thanks to the pressure that they gave that most of us eventually agreed to vote for the Kiwi land. On 10th  of July, 2002, i flew to NZ at the age of 17 years and 9 months old with another 7 students as the first batch ever (pioneer or baby tabung uji, whatever you like it) been sent to NZ by PETRONAS.

To cut short the story (since some of you might already fall asleep), after 4 years of student life and passed my SI, I’ve been offered a place as a seeding staff at International Business Unit, Corporate Planning and Development Division (CPDD). 1st  of November, 2006 was my first day at PETRONAS Twin Towers. Never in my wildest dream at that point of time that i thought i will submit my resignation letter on the very same date 6 years later.

Aristotle once said, “One must learn by doing the thing, for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try.”

So, with that spirit, I make a move on 1st of October, 2010. From corporate to business line. From CPDD to PETRONAS Exploration under PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd as a Resource Planner with Exploration Planning and Resource Management Division (XPL) and I work here until today.

I could not be more grateful to Allah that I have been given a chance to be a part of PETRONAS family. Truly i am.

I know my parents and family have been so proud to tell others that "Anak saya yang belajo dekat New Zealand tu sekarang kerja dekat KLCC" with both of their index fingers been place side by side to illustrate the PETRONAS Twin Towers building.

I'm proud to be PETRONAS staff. I learned a lot. Seriously a lot.

This company and the people in it have thought me many lessons, be it in my carrier and personal life. And i appreciate and being thankful for all experiences and moments that i have spent here. Of course there were some challenges for me but a smooth sea never made a skilled mariner, aye?


Why I left PETRONAS?

I’ve been asked with the same question over and over again. Some may speculate and some may just think that I had enough. Well, definately there are a few reasons why I want to leave the company. 

#1: There's no place like home. 

For me, being at home and raise my kids would definitely be the most noble job that I could ever imagine. I know it sounds so cliche or maybe a normal motherhood statement but fairly, this is my dream job since i was a student. A mother is like the school for her children. And my love for Imran and I'jaaz could never been equal to any amount of before or after tax salary any company could give.

#2: I want to do something else

Confucius once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.“ True isn't it? No secret that i don't like my job at the company. I wanted to do something else.

#3: Push and pull factors

Too many factors for me to list down. Distance for instance has been an issue for me. The working environment, the politics inside the company, the systems that some of it I just could not cope with, the nature of the business, the desire to get the balance life (a real one, not as what people keep preaching without practicing) and many more. It just piled up over times.

#4: I don't have the opportunity to do what i want to do in PETRONAS

Well, this the last straw that broke the camel's back. finally decide to tender earlier than what I planned. My interest and passion in teaching and business are just enormous to be ignored.6 years are just long enough for me to hold back my dream and the time has come. I could not wait any longer.

That is. As simple as that.

What’s Next?

Some people might leave because they have a better opportunity outside the company
Some might been offered with double or triple the amount of their current salary.
Some might want to be abroad and that is what they have been dreamt of


I’m leaving for a better job. A job that a lot of mothers would love to have.

A housewife

As i said earlier, I think I could not find a better job than that. Agree? 
Oh, perhaps an additional job as a part time WAHM for the time being. I have started with a small step by having a small business. It may work, it may not but it is worth trying. 

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

And in sya Allah one day, I plan to work as a part time tutor/lecturer and have a good time being around students. And fulfill one of the items in my wish list i.e. to have a free tuition for needy students at my home.

Sounds good and enough for me. (of course I will not reveal all my plans here, please do not expect me to list down my wish list ya)

All things are difficult before they are easy.Yeah, I am hoping for the best, yet I have to prepare for the worst. After all, “and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.' (Surah Baqarah: 216)

I hope you would spare a little room for me in your prayer. Please pray for me and my family to get the best f

My Heartiest Dedication

There are just too many friends that I have in PETRONAS. Please forgive me for not being able to state those names one by one and I hope I do not hurt your feeling if I forget to mention your name here.

Oh, before i forget, thanks for the series of farewell luncheons and makan-makan. I really appreciate if from the very bottom of my heart. Not to forget all gifts and wonderful presents that i never expected to receive. You guys are just way too kind.

CPDD & IBU Management:

Datuk Nasaruddin: You are the first VP that I worked with. I always love your perfectionist style. Thanks for the advice and knowledge that you gave.
Yahya Talla: Thank you very much for treating me not only as your staff, but most of the time as your daughter. I know I have been a ‘noty-noty’ one, but you always spare your time to sit down and teach me slowly on how things should be done. You show your empathy and concern not only in office matters, but often you offered me with your fatherly advice. I am glad that I know someone like you in PETRONAS.
Hashim Wahir: I could not find a better mentor than you. Thank you so much for your priceless advice and stories that always keep me motivated. I dream of being someone like you. I sincerely admire your way of coaching me.
Shuzairin Shuib: I will need a special entry in my blog to write about you alone. You are my first boss and the bestest boss that I could ever wish and imagine to have in my whole entire life. You taught me a lot and patiently guide me through my first carrier in PETRONAS. You give your trust to me, you shape me to be realiable and dependable and independent staff. You never failed to listen to all things that I got to tell. You always laugh at my jokes and appreciate my stories a lot. Your sincerity in every action makes me feel overwhelmed.
Tini Syeed Sultan: I never see you in a sad condition. How do you manage to control your emotion ya? And I know Salvatore Ferrragamo from you. And yes, after meeting you, I know that there are a few types of mascara and mascara has an expiry date too! Wow
Junita Abdul Aziz:  Your determination in life is something that I always adore. You always give the best in everything you do that makes you so reliable and trusted by your friend and management. Thank you for being such a wonderful sister.
Adoni: M Yusof: Very gorgeous! I like your voice when you speak and when you sing! It’s nice to know someone like you whom so humble and adorable.

IBU collegues:

Jasper J Diego: Unique. One in a million. Sultan Nazrin wanna be. Ok, enough said. Thank you for treating me like your sister. Your advice and kutukan pedas always make me feel good, seriously. I could not think any other person who would really and technically dragged me to Pat Pong and I still remember that moment very well bro!
Chua Choon Ling: Brilliant, humble and super energetic. I never know someone in PETRONAS that is as hardworking as you. I will miss your cute voice and your jokes and your stories and your cheerful smile!!!!
Arni Shahida A Razak: You are such a wonderful friend! Your words always motivate me, your smile always make me feel warm, your jokes never fail to make me laugh. And you are the first person who introduce me to gamelan. Thanks for the support although you are jauh beribu batu, still can do business kan?
Intan Nahariah: I will definitely miss your stories. Be it about your work or your life, it has always enlighten me and make me laugh. You are very kind and honest and always try to help people in needs. Pure heart. Rare species. Clap Clap clap.
Chandran: Thank you for being a good friend. Your warm smile never failed to make me happy. We share a lot of stories and sometimes I feel like talking to my own ‘adik’. Do not forget to invite me for your wedding ya.
Debbie: Chand-twin. You guys just could not be separated regardless of your skin colour. You are such adorable girl that always want to bite my kids. Very manja and I will  miss you but we can see each other at FB kan?
Affizah: You rock! Your hair cut has always make my eyes broad and i love your dresses as well.
Raveen: You rock too! You introduce me to a liquid eye liner that feels a little bit heavy but stunning compare to the normal one. But sorry, I have not buy  a single eye liner until now. Maybe I should and wear it at home and feel good about myself. Hahahaha
Hanis Abdul Halim: Efficient in every single task. Seriously. If I need to hire a staff if I own a company, you are definitely one of the shortlisted candidate that I will hire without having to attend an interview session! And of course, I admire your effort to be a part-time student which I think only a superwoman can do.
M Ikhwan: One fact that i like about you. You never gain weight! Oh how I wish I have the same kind of metabolism installed in my body that i would never need to worry on what i should take (but actually, i still never worry to much on what i should eat really)
Rabithah Zakaria: Dart-mate! You are just like a robot that never runs out of battery. Even Duracell or Energizer is nothing compare to your energy level. You are so pure and honest with everything you do in your life and i really admire that quality.
M Aimran: Diplomatic and hardworking. Have you ever consider of becoming a candidate for the election? Give a try bro! 
Husnol Khotimah Ahamad Ghazali: Course-mate at uni back in 2005. Very hardworking, polite and able to finish any tasks on earth that you want throw on her. Keep in touch dear.
Dr M Ashraf E Abdullahi: Cool guy who always speak in precise manner. I should learn from you on how to control my speech pace. Thank you for being my reference point for any Arabic words definition.
Toufik Achoi: You and your smile could never be separated. Your Malay is getting superb day by day and I always enjoy having conversation with you.
M Nor Yusoff: Your maturity inspire me and I hope you will have a good life.
Lilian Mah Suk Ling: Fashionable and brilliant young lady. Always decent and polite with everyone. You to keep in touch ok!
Wang Fei: A very decent and innocent friend that I have. Love your pure and warm smile.
M Farhan Azhan: Very quiet guy and Sifu in English language. Good, good.
Koh Zhao Mei: Badminton-mate! I know i cut your budget for the racquet strings and shuttlecocks but what to do. We play so well that we will not even break a single string you know. IC Hu Ha!
Rinesh Kirpal: A cool dude who loves tennis and do not eat rice in order to stay fit at tennis court. And you always like to print with colour printer. Oh, i still support RF and sometimes Andy Murray especially when he plays against Djokovic.
Derek: it was nice to meet you again at Ikram’s wedding reception. You are always decent and never forget to wish me Selamat Hari Raya every year. Do not forget to invite me of your Big Day ya!
Rien Hashim: I don't have much opportunity to work with you but I hope you are doing well
Rozanur M Said: You’ve been helpful when I was in IBU. Thanks for your effort

Country Managers: Nusral Danir, Rauf Nabi Bax, Wong Kong Weng, Awang Othman Awang Jaya,Ismail A Rahman,Amiruddin Zain,Rizan Ismail,Marcus Allus,M Ridza Shariff,Raphaie Kipli,M Arifin Daud,Abu Bakar Salleh,Abu Bakar Mohammed

All of you have been a tremendous figures in my journey at PETRONAS. You hold a high position yet you are very modest, humble and down to earth. I definitely admire all the qualities that you possess. I enjoy working with you especially during ICRMD , IMF and IC. Thanks for being so nice to me and even collected money as my wedding gift. Sob sob sob.  

PEX Management: Effendy Cheng Abdullah,Md Yazid Mansor,Chow Kok Tho,Emeliana Rice Oxley,Charanjit Singh and Abu Bakar Mohammed.

Thank you for the advices and supports that you have given to me. I truly appreciate that. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to work with all of you.

XPL Management:
Rozana Faiz: Thank you for the opportunity that you gave for me to be a part of XPL team. Your advice and wishes are always been appreciated. Thanks for the support and love
Fabian Bachtiar: Pak sometimes remind me of Jasper. Although I do not report directly to you, your expertise and advice in executing my tasks is much appreciated. Semua bisa kan Pak?
Hardy Azrai: Can I just steal your smile and keep it with me so that I would be able to smile all day regardless of whatever that happen around me? That would be one thing that I should learn from you. You and your smile and your jokes. I will miss that.
Hakim Zihanee M Mohdzir: Ustaz! Very detailed and love details. You are like a TP here in XPL. Everyone wants you and everyone will refer to you for any matters. Although your schedule is often tight and your work is somewhat ‘never ends’ you will always listen to your staff concerns and needs. You willing to spare your time and guide us until we are OK (or pretend to be OK). Your experience and wisdom is always work as an advantage that wins everyone heart. And I wish you will one day, eat my Ayam Setia Kasih. Hahahaha
M Rozaidee: Thank you for sharing your story and advice. Family must come first. And I like the Durian Crepe!!
Nik Edy Rozman: Innovative and creative. You always invent new things to make it efficient. Although I don’t really like the snow flake, but I finally could see that the snow flake is one of the thing that I will always remember in XPL. And please, book a date for your wedding. I want to go!!

XPL colleagues:
Farah Adila Jaafar: You remind me a lot of my ex-boss. Calm and collected which is obviously opposite of me.Hahaha. That’s is why perhaps we make a good team. I learned a lot from you and I quietly admire your positive mindset. You have your own stand and you are not easily affected by circumstances or people around you. You voice out your opinion in a decent way and I seriously think that you are so resourceful. Everything also can get. Thanks for being a really good friend for me. Don’t be sad, we still can see each other at FB. Hehehe.
Nik Muhammad Hamid: You helped me a lot. You always ready to offer your help. I know you are doing well by looking at your FB status and i hope you will always do well in your life in sya Allah
Mohsein A Hamid: You helped me a lot too! Thanks for being a kind person. With your title as the finalist of KKP Idol, I have to mention here that your voice is just superb. I think i will miss that. All the best in your future undertakings.
Siti Noreedah Paiman: Your courage and determination in life are somewhat that i would always respect. You speak the truth and always seek for the truth. 
Nurul Eliani Zainuddin: Breakfast-mate and pumping-mate! I seriously think that you could do just about any work people give to you. With gear 5 speed even after one day returning from maternity leave. Very efficient and always appreciate other people around you. Your motivation for work is also something that I respect. “Lillahi Taa’la” .Good on you!
Anis Sabrina Azhari:  Very soft spoken and decent Mek Kelate. I like your way of appreciating people. Don’t forget your present for the Usrah name ya. I still have it with me.
Nazifa Mohd Asri: Cute mommy who never gain weigh even after the second pregnancy. What’s your secret ha? I hope I can learn that from you and I heard you are having a good time over there. Yeay, good on you!
Wan Zamzuri: A young gentlemen (and self-proclaimed Pengiran, ehem) with a warm smile. Thanks for being among the first people to welcome me in XPL.
Alan Wong Fun How: You work live you will never die. Hardworking and always say ‘Yes’ to whatever request you get. Be proud of your Myvi bro. It the Myvi Lagi best. No one can beat it!
Yasmin Ling Siew Yen: One quality for sure I need to learn from you would be; Never Procrastinate A Thing. You always do things instantly. I think by this far, you hold the record of the quickest person whom register the will after I finish my Wasiat talk ad that is less than 1 hour after the talk. Amazing. When come to collecting fund/donation, you will be the champion and lead the whole work force to donate for those in needs. Keep up the good work!
Alia Hafiza A Hamid: Finally I know that Fiesta is a car. Hihihih. You are such an adorable and lovable girl and do not like to argue.  People easily get along with you and thank you for being thoughtful especially to my kids. Have a good time at Oman and don’t forget to come back to Malaysia ya
Nur Saidatul Shida Sahidi: Miss XPL, what should I say about you? Charming and beautiful and people will  mention your name in every meeting. Thank God you are finally someone’s wife. Hahaha.Thanks for being good friend and always attend kuliah.
Kishendren A/L Gunalan: When comes to excel sheet and coding, you are the expert bro! I hope you are doing well and welcome to the parenting world
M Ikram Rahim: It has been 10 years since I know you. You have a lot of good quality inside you that not many ‘of your kind’ will be able to be like you. Humble, kind and decent to your family, friends, colleagues and bosses. And I thank God that you are finally married!
Faizal Burhanuddin: I admire your courage to speak the truth even if it’s a bitter truth. It takes a real man to have such courage. And I also see the kindness and softness inside you. No matter what people said about you, you alone know your good quality; so keep it and spread the good deeds to people around you
Nurul Ain Husin: You should really consider to go for Masterchef audition ok? Your bihun is the best!!! And rending and I’m sure you can cook anything on earth. Thanks for being a kind neighbor to me.
Nazrul Azza: Awal Ashaari XPL version. Energetic and lively. You are the kind that will never make people around you feel bored. Full of ideas and know how to live up an event and function. If I could suggest one thing for you, I would love to recommend you to go for an audition to become a part time TV Host.
Hammad Hazim: Your passion in history is indeed
Qistina Ahmad Nazri:  Little tiny fella that moves as quick as little bunny. And your voice is just superb. I joked around with S&I participants by saying that you won 'Idola Kecil' when you were small and know what? They believed it!
Shahrul Farid A Azim: I love your voice. You can become the next Mahathir Lokman or Esmet or Suhaimi Sulaiman. And if you give speech (with that charismatic voice) as a candidate at my ADUN, I may vote for you. Please consider doing a part time job as a news reader or Deejay.
Ika Akalili A Rahman: I knew you since our ore-departure programme. We met again in 2011 when you joined XPL. You are a caring and loving person and people around you always please with you.
Norshidah Tahir: Warm smile and another soft spoken friend that i have in PETRONAS. Thanks for your 
Azween Azreen: Buddy, thanks for being my buddy. I know you are always busy, so it's OK buddy.
Khairuddin: Abe Din may be a quiet friend and looks cool but your stories sometimes make us laugh like mad. Thank you for input during our kuliah.
Al-Fahmi: Thanks for being the number one supporter to all salwasaleh.com delights products. Hope you enjoyed it much and thank you for being a good neighbor to me.
Sarah Fitri M Salleh: I could not take my eyes of you. So beautiful and soft spoken and I will recommend as 'calon menantu'. Thank you for being such a loving and caring friend.
Ferdaus: When I came in to XPL in 2010, you just left for Oman and I inherited your laptop. And now, you are back and I will be gone. ‘Tkde jodoh’ to work together lah. Hehe
Shahrul Kamal Kamaruddin: I only have less than a month with you. Although I might not know you well, I am sure you will be an excellence addition to XPL team. All the best
Rosemaniah Mohamed: One of the most humblest secretary that I ever meet in PETRONAS. Always smile and very thoughtful  and loving person. Thanks for your help and support. Kulaan!

PETRONAS housemates:

Nurul Huda A Karim: If i can choose someone to be my additional sister, you are definately going to be one of them. You always make me feel comfortable and i always feel like hugging you. Thanks for being a great housemate.
Nurhakimah A Mahamud: My birthdate-mate. My hometown-mate. So many similiarities. I admire your determination in every aspect of your life. You make sure you do the best in everything.
Norfhadilina M Fudzi, Rifhan Nabihah Mazlan, Zaireen Zainuddin & Norjamaliah A Wahab:
How could i find a better companion than all of you? You enlighten my day. You cheerish my life with supports and never ending motivation. You share the laughter, and you share the tears. All good words that exist in the world will never ever able to describe how precious this friendship has been. Thank you.

1st batch of Auckland Uni, NZ:
Siti Rohani Hashim, Zakirah Mastura Ahmad Marzuki, Aidil Idzhar Ali, Fara Fazieda Zainal, Bellina Rosli, M Farizal Farid and M Faiz Azmi

2nd batch of Auckland Uni, NZ:
Norfhadilina, Rifhan Nabihah, Umar Hakim, Mursyidi Muhammad, Norhasanah Shinaz, M Ashraf, M Zaki, Willy Bayang

We share a lot of moments and memories. We proved to other that where there's a will there's a way. PETUNIA would be a good example. That moments that I shared with you guys is definately one of the most treasured moments in my life. Thank you for being a good friend and treat me nicely.

PBPP friends:
Sri Ganesh, Niza, Harisson,Amir, Vemal,Salwa,Jenani,Hisham, Alvin,Farah,Vino,Bala,Tini, Marliza

You are a bunch of people who does something that is just absolutely amazing and exceptional. I always been grateful that i know all of you. You are the what PETRONAS means to the kids. You bring a huge amount of joys in their life. Keep up the good work!

PIPE friends,Trainings/Courses friends, my junior and friends in NZ, my usrah group, my kuliah group, people whom i met in all PETRONAS related events and functions, and all friends that i know. (and please forward this to people whom you think i have missed.)

No amount of thank you would be able to describe how much I appreciate all of you
Your presence brings so much joy into my life
It's englighten my journey and give me strength
It’s no use crying over the spilled milk but I truly regret for all my mistakes
I'm deeply sorry if i have hurt your feeling
I seek to be forgiven and i hope you are willing to forgive
It is hard to say goodbye, so I’ll just say till we meet again
And i hope that the absence makes the heart grow fonder
It does not matter what path we pick, as the home is where the heart is
You will certainly be missed


Thank you for spending some of your precious time to read this. I’m nobody that I need to write a long farewell message but truly, I feel a little bit unease without saying a proper goodbye.

I promise myself that I will still fill in my tank with Primax 95 and use Syntium for my car’s engine.

Do keep in touch. You can email me at salwamohdsaleh@gmail.com or drop by at this blog. Or add me at FB. Anything you wish.

I love all of you
And from the bottom of my heart, I thank you

Assalamualaikum warah matullah.

31 January 2013


  1. Dear Kak Salwa,

    it is very sad to say goodbye now but well....we have to. thanks for being lovely sister and usrah leader. also thanks for your complement on my cooking but still can't challenge urs :).
    hope u'll find whatever you'r looking for and may Allah bless you and your family... and please do pray for us here :) :):)

  2. Hi Salwa!

    Sorry couldn't make it to the farewell lunch yesterday. But, still, your energy and dedication to your work will be missed, and of course, we still got facebook for us to keep in touch!

    Take care Salwa! See you around ya!

  3. All the best Salwa on your future undertaking. Remember one thing
    "people will always talk. only you know your very best and whats best for your goodself. be brave to face to world.

  4. I wish I were an SKG09 TP ... hehe. Thanks for everything. See you again.

  5. you still remember me since I leaved xpl in 2011. one by one leaving xpl , xpl always in myheart . perhaps the relationship build in xpl will be always get blessing from God.

  6. Salm Salwa,

    I pray that Allah will bless you and your entire family. You are truly "Entrepreneur in the making"

    Mim Ha Sin Nun

  7. Assalam Salwa,

    Thank you for being a very nice sister, since day 1 we met. May this ukhwah last till Jannah...May HIS barakah be with you and the family now and hereafter...take care, and do keep in touch...

    -Norshidah Tahir-

  8. Salam

    Dear all,

    thanks so much for the warm wishes and doa. Really appreciate that.

    I got so many responses from email as well and it is overwhelming. If i 'rajin' i will post it here so that i could have a look at it everywhere when i need motivation.


    again, many thanks
    wish you guys all the best

  9. Dear Salwa,

    Apologies for the delay in responding to your post.. but thank you for your kind words. You know babe, you are a kind person. And I'm sure you will do just fine in life.. as I am sure Allah will bless you and keep you safe.

    Just take care of yourself ok. And don't forget us..

    Love you lots. xoxo.

  10. woahh... that's a HUGE step you made for your life back then. a true mother won't want second best for their children. my mom is a housewife and i never wish anything better than that.

    wish i have enough courage and determination same as yours. may Allah make path easier and more meaningful for you.

    ~just a random blogwalker ^_^ ~