Belangsungkawa Allahyarham Uncle Hashim

Assalamualaikum warah matullah

To those yang mengenali my roomate and housemate for more than 3 years --> Lovely SITI ROHANI HASHIM (roe), her dad passed away semalam ( 15 Muharram 1427H - around 9pm NZ time).

I'm personally havent meet Allahyarham Uncle Hashim but talked to him thro phone a few times. He's definately a sweet caring dad and always be there for Roe. He's cool, understanding and no wonder Roe always mentioned how lovely he was to us. (We always know that Roey!!)

I know this must be hard to Roe and her family and deep inside my heart I pray Allah will forgive all his sins, give him rahmah wa magfirah and place him in a wonderful place with Muttaqin and Mukminin hereafter.

And to u guys... Roe is a tough gal and we are all proud of her. She's not ready to talk to anyone yet and here's a message from her (some of u mite got it already from YM):

"For those who haven’t knew, he passed away a day after I’ve arrived nz. he smiled and kissed my forehead. I didn’t expect that would be his last word. He will be buried before zuhur today. Everyone was shocked by his sudden death. In the afternoon, he complained that he has a muscular pain on his waist and asked my uncle to massage him. Then he asked my uncle to stop massaging and went upstairs to his room. In the evening, my mom and grandmother wondered why is he spending too much tyme upstairs, so my mom went to the room and found his body all blued.So she called the ambulance but unfortunately they arrived too late. The doctor wanted to do a post mortem for him but i said no."

"assalamualaikum to all.. just wanted to thank semua yg sudi membacakan tahlil for my dad who has passed away yesterday, and hopefully those who havent had the tyme, could say a little prayer for him, semoga Allah ampunkan sume dosa2 dia. he was such a beloved dad, very2 sporting and understanding. i was his favourite child, as im the only girl in the family and he loved babygirl so much. the picture at my ym is my neighbour's daughter, maisara, who he babysat as he said maisara’s personalities are just like mine when i was small. maisara loves him more than her own dad and every day maisara would come to our hse and search for her "papa" and they would happily play together everyday."

"My mom and my youngest brother, fikry, cant accept the fact that he’s dead.My mother just cried and cried while fikry kept on cursing and cying.My dad was the one who sends him to school every morning and now that he’s gone, his absence will absolutely be felt by him. My younger brother on the other hand, broke our sliding door’s glass as he was angry at the ambulance for their late arrival. My eldest brother is the toughest among all. He have to. Now that he’s the man of the house, he has to be strong for all of us. And as for me, Im trying to accept the fact that sooner or later, we too will die and I just hope that he will be happy in his new house. One day I will see him again and I believe in that.that’s all from me for now,and thank u for taking yr time to read this message. wassalam"

Benarlah seperti yang disampaikan melalui pesuruh-Nya,

"Tiap-tiap ummat mempunyai ajal.apabila datang ajal mereka, maka mereka tidak dapat mengundurkannya barang sesaaat dan tidak (pula) mendahulukan(nya)" [10:49]

TO ROEY, we know it would not be the same anymore but we are here to love u, care for u and to be with u till the end of the day. We all love u so much...take a good care of urself honey...


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